Please, no ‘Goodbye’

Please, no ‘Goodbye’

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This is the saddest days in my adventure life for being ‘Robin Hood’ hunted the tv series for free watching. The Project Free TV didn’t display any list for the link to download, just one words, ‘Goodbye’. For the first time, I thought that ‘under maintenance’ only, so, I have to be patient for a couple hours. 5 hours later, I’ll try again, still the same words display, and I’ll started worries. Is this happened? Is this real happened?

So, I searching with ‘Google’ help, and found first 10 link that the contents confused and faced the same things like mine. I’ll started to cry and my mind just freeze and want to know why this is happened? Something wrong? Where I must to go now? Anything I can help to get the website go live again?

Please, please, pleaseā€¦

Go live again, I’ve lost without you guided. Please tell me what can I do to see you go live again.

Posted on: July 24, 2015admin

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